On a Camberry retreat you will be hosted like an old friend and there will be plenty of time to relax and find headspace. You will learn techniques to use back in your everyday life and you will emerge feeling rejuvenated, nourished and ready to move forward.

Is it okay to come on my own?
Yes, most of our guests come alone and it’s the perfect opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and experiences, perhaps even make a lifelong friend.

Being part of a small group is an important part of the coaching process, and though it’s only natural to feel nervous at first, you’ll find that you will relax, feel safe to ‘let go’ - hopefully having made a few new friends.

Equally you are welcome to take yourself off and enjoy the peace and quiet.

What do I need to bring?
A list of everything you need to bring will be emailed upon booking.

How do I know where to go?
Upon booking, we will send you full directions to the venue, with options by car, train & by air where relevant.

Are there other activities on offer beside yoga?
Yes there are often other activities that can be booked at extra cost or are naturally free. This will vary from location to location and include horse riding, bike riding, walking, going to the beach, tours of historic sites, visits to local towns or boat trips. Massages are often available at extra cost.



Depending on your choice of retreat, cuisine options can vary. On our lifestyle retreats, as part of our coaching method we focus on time efficient, home cooking, prepared by your host but also have wholesome, healthy evening meals prepared by onsite chef’s to ensure we prioritise our time with you. At other times, catering will be prepared by the retreat venue, and full details are provided in each retreat description.

What will I get to eat for my meals?
Once again this depends on the season and retreat, but our food is made using fresh, simple and easy to source ingredients. On our lifestyle coaching retreats we offer tasty and practical recipes. Expect dishes such as courgetti bolognese, moroccan shepherds pie, fresh curries and asian inspired salads. Breakfast consists of eggs, avocado, homemade muesli, greek yoghurt, roasted fresh fruit and porridge to name just a few options - you won’t go hungry, that we promise!


I have an intolerance or allergy/I am vegetarian - can these be catered for?
We will make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies/intolerances. However, there is always a risk of contamination and Camberry does not assume liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come into contact with while eating at one of our retreats.

We can of course cater for dietary preferences too. We will request all dietary requirements from you at the time of booking.



Our guided group workshops help you assess your lifestyle challenges and identify your well-being goals.

Will I be asked to share my personal situation?
Although the workshops are in a group setting, you go through the workshop privately. You are not made to share anything you don’t wish to, although you are welcome to contribute if you so choose.


Fitness Coaching

We aren’t pushy but we do challenge, motivate & support you. We challenge you physically but we also treat you and your body with compassion, kindness and encourage you to explore ways of enjoying movement as part of your life (no punishment here).

How hard will the physical training be?
Be prepared to ‘sweat’, but rest assured we aren’t extreme and we also place a lot of emphasis on enjoyment & fun - otherwise you aren’t likely to keep it up!

I’m pretty unfit right now, will I be ok?
Absolutely - we all have to start somewhere! While each session will be in a group format, exercises will be tailored to suit your level, requirements, any injuries and so on.

I have a good fitness level, will I still be pushed if this is a mixed group?
Definitely, while each session will be in a group format, exercises will be tailored to suit your level and requirements. On our initial consultation call we discuss your current fitness level to plan for this.

Read OUR METHOD to learn more about our approach.



Yoga & mindfulness is an integral part of your retreat experience - it subtly encourages self care, self–value and the founding of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga gives you the opportunity to move your body, become aware of your breath, your thoughts, create an inner strength and balance body and mind.

What style of yoga do you practice?
At Camberry we practise Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. Vinyasa is a dynamic style of yoga and helps build overall strength & flexibility. Poses flow from one to another, often in sync with breath
Restorative yoga cultivates relaxation, enhances flexibility, soothes the nervous system and encourages deeper self awareness & mindfulness.

We maintain a keen focus on alignment while encouraging the use of props. These support the body making the practice accessible for all abilities, beginner to advanced.

I’ve never done yoga or meditation before, will I manage? Do I need to be an experienced yogi?
All of our holidays are open to all levels of ability (unless specifically advertised otherwise) and the groups are often a broad mix, from beginners to yoga teachers. 

Our yoga and meditation is suitable for all experience and fitness levels. All are welcome and our teachers are experienced in offering something for everyone. A more challenging practice for experienced yogis and guidance for those who are newer to the practice. 

If you have the chance though, it’s always a good idea to try a yoga class or two before you come away.