Our take on green living embraces anything from moving and meditating outdoors in nature, to developing green fingers, reducing plastic consumption or aspiring to recycle and reuse. 

It creates mind-body-nature connection and re-connects you with your inner creativity, offers you space away from digital noise and can also be meditative in its own right.

While at first it may seem like an inconvenience to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, the advantages and benefits far outweigh the initial efforts required to make change.

+ Cost-effective & economical
+ More quality time with friends and family
+ Greater appreciation for what you already have (people, places, and things)
+ Increased confidence due to newly acquired skills
+ Improved life balance (less time using technology & on work emails!)
+ Reconnection with your local community (shopping local, buying second hand)
+ A healthier planet for future generations
+ The joyful feeling of knowing you're doing your bit, part of something worthwhile, a growing global movement.

We aspire to offer practical, realistic tips and ideas to help you reduce your impact on the planet - but that benefits you too! 

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