Hi - I’m Cathryn, the proud owner of Camberry, launched in 2017, with a passion to inspire, motivate and support individuals to improve and discover a healthier and happier lifestyle and restore a sense of themselves again.

Reflecting on my own struggles in the past, I realised that while each of our story's may be different, we often share similar experiences, emotions and struggles.  I strive to provide the support, knowledge and guidance to help others identify and make the changes they need - hopefully more quickly than I did!

After finishing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and furthering my corporate career completing an18 month assignment acting as a Director for a financial services firm in Hong Kong, I returned to the UK determined to fulfil a lifelong goal of starting my own wellness business – qualifying as a personal trainer, lifestyle & motivation coach in 2017.

Understanding fully the stresses of modern life, and relying on my 6 years of experience as a qualified yoga instructor, I wanted to create an experience dedicated to helping individuals transform themselves, and their lifestyles, from the inside out.

Whether your goals are fitness, lifestyle or health related, my approach is individually tailored to suit each client’s needs. I’m truly committed to helping people make sustainable, self serving lifestyle change - leaving you happier, more confident, healthier, with a greater sense of purpose and direction - feeling more like you again.  




  • BA Hons French Studies 2:1 - The University of Manchester (2007)

  • MBA - Liverpool John Moores University (2012)

  • 200h Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training - Limitless Yoga, Isle of Man (2013)

  • Active IQ Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training REPS Level 2 & 3 (2 weeks live gym training included) (2017)

  • European Institute of Fitness & Institute of Leadership Endorsed training in Business Management, Marketing, Sales, Product Development and Client Care (2017)

  • EIF Nutrition, Motivation & Lifestyle Coaching Certification (2017)

Cathryn provides lifestyle coaching, yoga tuition and personal training services throughout Wiltshire. She is also experienced in coaching clients in a professional environment, having previously secured corporate clients in the Isle of Man. In addition to managing her own client base, and freelancing in studios and gyms throughout Wiltshire, Cathryn has also provided yoga tuition to the British Army’s prestigious Parachute Regiment. 

+ Suffered with a lack of confidence, self worth and weight issues in my teens, through to my early 20's.

+ I completely lost my True North and sense of self but managed to stay afloat and make a 'life'.

+ Experimented and was fairly successful in a number of corporate roles – but unfulfilled. Yearning to do something that would help others, was more practical and rewarding. There were lots of ideas!

+ Took my first yoga class in my mid-twenties – GAME CHANGER!

+ Began to appreciate and enjoy my body – cultivate self-awareness, appreciation, compassion, self-love and value.

+ The healing process began.

+ Re-connected with the joy of being active (it was no longer a 'should do' activity!)

+ Began to think of food as a means of self–nourishment and fuel - considering what I ate, where it came from and how it affected me - how I felt afterwards.

+ Began to consider my impact on the environment and sustainability.

+ The result? Looked and felt better than I had in years, my confidence grew, I knew and treated myself better, direction became clearer and I became brave enough to start making the changes. I began truly living, not just existing!


We can’t control how life plays out, but we do have a choice in how we look after ourselves.