Yoga, its philosophy and approach to life, is at the core of everything we do at Camberry. Why? Because it subtly encourages self care, self–value and the founding of a healthy lifestyle.  It is a system of personal development, encompassing body, mind and spirit. Before you know it, you may be practicing or exercising more, be eating more healthily or may even have adopted healthier lifestyle habits! Here are just some of the benefits available to you....

+ Improved Strength
+ Improved Flexibility & Body Awareness
+ Aids Injury Prevention
+ Improves Bone Health – good prevention for onset issues in older age
+ Improved Lung Function & Blood Flow

+ Keeps Us Young & Playful (did you just say we're going to stand on our heads?!)
+ Increases Self-Awareness & Reduces Stress
+ Helps you Build your Sense of Self and a Better Relationship with Yourself
+ Be Here Now - Cultivate Consciousness & Steadiness in the Mind
+ Encourages Discipline & Greater Mind Management
+ Experience Feelings of Self Worth, Self Love, Forgiveness, Empathy & Gratitude